My EVS Experience in Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland) IV/IV

JesusHello there! My name is Jesús, I am 24 years old and I am from Málaga (Spain). In my country I am social worker graduated by the University of Málaga and also I am football trainer for children and young people. In my life I had got many experiences working with people, so I can say that every job in relation with the persons is my passion. Because of this, I have chosen work as a volunteer in the Erasmus + project in the public library located in Piekary Slaskie.

Well, in first time I would like write about my expectations. Before to come here I was so expected and a little bit afraid, because this decision gave me the first experience outside my home, family, friends, city… So when I came here everything was new experience for me: contact with people from another countries, share a flat, learn “easily” Polish and the culture, etc. But the first impression was very nice.

Later, I was meeting new people everyday, I did a lot of new friends in a few months, even thanks to this project I could find the love. So my life here is really very good and successful for me looking for this side.

In another side, I am be able to speak about my work and activities in the library. For give a resume of this, I can say that I am doing a role as a languages teacher because I am teaching Spanish and English to children, teenagers and adults, but sometimes also I do sport activities as a sport trainer in some schools or football clubs. Also I am doing a lot of presentations about Spain and Spanish culture in schools and associations of all the Silesian region.

Really I can say that I love all my activities in library and I enjoy do it very much for sure, however I think that sometimes I spend too much time in library waiting for my activities. This means that when I do not have activities then I have enough time to think and propose new projects in library.

Anyway, It is nothing in comparison with the real experience what I live here. Polish people are really very nice, useful and helpful overall, I can say that I love them. It is very different culture, language, tradition, weather, behaviour which finally I have fallen in love. In all this differences I found an amazing experience what It made me understand that the world is really very big and in every corner of it We can find incredible things.

Thank you for reading and love Málaga.

Jesús Pintos Ramírez


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