Volunteer looking for a Public Library in Europe under the EVS program

  The EVS is a service inscribed in the Erasmus+ Program that promotes the volunteering abroad of youngsters between 17 and 30 for periods from 2 weeks to 12 months. Public libraries are fully eligible institutions. Last year we published a post where Joanna Naczyńska, director of the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Śląskie -an expert in... Continue Reading →


Open Space for Youth at Panevezys County Library (Lithuania): a meeting point and leisure place for young citizens

Open Space for Youth in Panevezys County Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite Public Library is adapted for self-expression and various activities of young citizens aged from 14 to 29 years. This is a special space in the Library, where young people can implement their ideas, participate in events, educational programs, get to know their peers, contribute to various... Continue Reading →

Sister Libraries go to Brussels: Castropol Municipal library (Spain) invited by the EU Parliament

Last 16th December 2018, Municipal Public Library "Menéndez Pelayo" from Castropol went to Europe for the first time, in a 4 days visit, accompanied by representatives of the cultural and social institutions that cooperate in different projects with the library. They were invited through the office of Jonás Fernández, Member of Parliament from Asturias region,... Continue Reading →

“Harry Potter”Reading Challenge at Vega-La Camocha Public Library (Spain)

The “Harry Potter” Reading Challenge is a cooperative and participative game based on a system of points, badges and classifications. Its main objective is to stimulate interest in reading in its broadest sense through an amusing experience that’ll awake the voluntary desire to read, removing this activity from any imposition or duty. It’s an activity... Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Edinburgh City Libraries (Scotland) – Iisalmi City Library (Finland)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: Edinburgh City Libraries (Scotland) is now connected with Iisalmi City Library (Finland). They’ve connected via Skype to discuss the activities they’ll be developing in cooperation. With this new sistership, NAPLE Sister Libraries has reached  47 COUPLES OF SISTER LIBRARIES  amongst all the participants!... Continue Reading →

Old Tortoise’s Treasure Tales, Erasmus+ funded project at Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

Although our library has participated as supporting partner in three European projects alongside local Primary School, Project Old Tortoise's Treasure Tales (OTTT) is our first standalone project financed by the EU under the Erasmus+ fund. Our partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece and Italy are all kindergartens so we are the only library in... Continue Reading →

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