Sister Libraries and Skype: a new activity from Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) and Arucas Municipal Library (Spain)

A new activity from  Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia)  and its sister, Arucas Municipal Library (Spain):

On the 16th of June 2015 Korčula Library provided direct link via Skype between children from Korčula City and children from Arucas – Gran Canaria. Children aged from nine to twelve years previously exchanged their letters of friendship in English. This activity was accomplished on the initiative of libraries from Arucas and Korčula, which are sister libraries (NAPLE Sister libraries program) and partners in the EU project Library. I love it!, Grundtvig program for lifelong learning.  During exchange of experiences on previous mobilities and talks concerning possible activities and cooperation between this two libraries in future, arose an idea of linking Croatian and Spanish children through letters of friendship. The idea was realized and the communication will continue in future with the help of Skype to their mutual satisfaction. The children were also given the opportunity to see each other and communicate directly with their new friends in English. The next contact will be realized in September.

You can see photos from this event in this link : 



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