Erasmus+ opportunity for library cooperation: The Library Soul project

At NAPLE Sister Libraries we’ve come across a beautiful project that will be applying for an Erasmus+  grant in this year’s call, that’ll be published in Autumn 2018.

The project is related to Reading Promotion and will bring together professional photography and the recommendations of the library users. It’ll be developed in 3 phases:

The photo sessions where the users will be photographed holding their favourite book. They’ll also be asked to chose a paragraph from it.

The pictures and the paragraphs will then be part of an exhibition at the library participating.

Some of the pictures will be chosen from each library to create a compilation of books / readers’ portraits. An international exhibition with these materials will travel to each and one of the libraries participating.

This innitiative has been tested in libraries in 3 different countries, and it’s been a great success. This is an example from Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Sasha poses with his favourite book, writen by a local author. The project can be very useful for promoting local authors in other countries, helping library users know authors from other European countries.

Photo by María Jato Román
Photo by María Jato Román

The project has a final surprise, an amazing last phase you can read about at the report:

The Library Soul 

So, if you want to be one of the libraries to participate in the project, you can contact us at or just comment on this post and we’ll put you in contact with its promoters!


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