Activities in cooperation: Viana Public library (Spain) and the Permanent Point of Interest

Viana Public library, from Spain, is one of our most active libraries in the NAPLE Sister Libraries program. They joined in January 2014. That very same year they had connected with 3 libraries from Poland, Croatia and Czechia. They are still cooperating up to this day! In Viana public library there is a Permanent Point... Continue Reading →


Sistership anniversary: Viana (Spain) and Aleksandrow (Poland) and their photo exhibition

This is one of the longest partnership within the program: Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada” (Spain) joined the program in January 2014. That very same year, Viana started 3 partnerships, with a Czech, a Croatian and a Polish library. The one with Public Library in Aleksandrow has been the most fruitful of them all. Public... Continue Reading →

Summer activity at Public Library of Aleksandrow (Poland) and Viana Public Library (Spain)

Sister libraries from Aleksandrow (Poland) and Viana (Spain) are conducting a new activity in common during this summer. It consists ona a reading campaign where a selection of  books of contemporary narrative from each country are promoted in the sister library: Spanish literature in Aleksandrow and Polish literature in Viana. For promoting it, they've designed these posters of the activity.... Continue Reading →

Bookface: New Activity from Sisters Public Libraries of Aleksandrow (Poland) and Viana Public Library (Spain)

Public Libraries of Aleksandrow and Viana have prepared a new activity for reading promotion in their libraries. It consists of an exhibition of pictures from their patrons. During May and June, the visitors of Public Libraries of Aleksandrow (Poland) and Viana (Spain) can visit a new photograph exhibition called “Bookface”: people from these cities have... Continue Reading →

New Activity from Sisters Viana Public Library (Spain) and Municipal Library of Semily (Czech Republic)

Municipal Library of Semily (Czech Republic) and Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada” (Spain) have hold an exhibition with the drawings their children users have done showing their respective cities. Children from schools of Semily and Viana drew emblematic places of their cities (squares, buildings, etc.), wich were sent to their respective Sister  Libraries, to be exhibited there. As  Iñaki Suso -librarian... Continue Reading →

New Activities from Sisters Viana Public Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland)

Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada” has prepared some activities about Polish literature, in tribute to our Aleksandrow sister library. Last December 16, 2015, the manager of the Polish Institute of Culture in Madrid, Ernst Kowalczyk, came to Viana to give a lecture on contemporary Polish literature. Some high school students were encouraged to read the poems of Polish poetess Wislawa Szymborska, Nobel Prize of Literature in 1996. Taking this opportunity, the library offers a center of interest of Polish literature. In December and in... Continue Reading →

New Activity from Sisters Viana Public Library (Spain) and Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland)

Iñaki Suso,  from   Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada”  (Spain) has sent us some pictures they’ve made about the latest activity he’s developed in cooperation with one of his Sisters,  Public Library in Aleksandrow  (Poland). Let him explain this activity with his own words: “It is pleasure for Justyna and me to report about the... Continue Reading →

Update from Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada”

Our colleague Iñaki Suso Espadas, from the Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada”  in Spain, sends us new information about improvements in the activity they are developing with one of their 3 sisters, Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland):  an interest point (read more about it here). He also informs us about new  developments in the relation with their other... Continue Reading →

New Sistership!: Viana Public Library (Spain) – Municipal Library of Semily (Czech Republic)

Iñaki Suso, from Viana Public Library (Spain) has informed us about a new sistership between his library and Municipal Library of Semily (Czech Republic), which didn't have any sisters yet! They're already working in some activities for children's entertainment in their libraries, we'll give you more details of these in the next months. With these new sistership, NAPLE Sister... Continue Reading →

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