Pay a visit to your sister: Librarians from Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” Opatija (Croatia) visit Public library Ánxel Casal at Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

As part of the NAPLE Sister Libraries program -where the Public library "Viktor Car Emin" Opatija actively participates and has so far achieved successful cooperation with the Public libraries in Krakow and Galway- the Librarians have attended the first congress for public libraries in Galicia. (Xornada de bibliotecas Públicas de Galicia). The congress took place... Continue Reading →


Liburnia literary Camino, an activity from Public library “Viktor Car Emin“ Opatija (Croatia)

Public Library "Viktor Car Emin“ Opatija (Croatia) has recently established a partnership with Public Library from Santiago de Compostela (Spain). Both of the cities share their patron (St. James), so this library has decided to designed an ambitious program around the pilgrimage road. As part of the celebration of the City Day of Opatija, last 24th July, Public Library... Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Public library Ánxel Casal at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” (Croatia)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: Public library Ánxel Casal at Santiago de Compostela (Spain) joined the program only a couple of weeks ago, and they have connected with Public Library "Viktor Car Emin" (Croatia). This is the third sistership of the Croatian library. They’ve signed an agreement where... Continue Reading →

Public libraries in Ireland and Croatia: one year of cooperation

Tomorrow it's the first anniversary of one of the last sisterships between European Public Libraries within the program: Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” Opatija (Croatia)  and Galway City Libraries (Ireland)  came to an agreement las 17th May 2017 and we cantacted them to see how the partnership was. After librarians from Opatija visited Galway to know their partners... Continue Reading →

Pay a visit to your sister: Librarians from Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” Opatija (Croatia) Visit Galway City Libraries (Ireland)

On June 24th the director of Public Library "Viktor Car Emin" Opatija, Mrs Suzana Šturm-Kržić, accompanied by two librarians, set out on a journey to Ireland to finally meet in person their sister library in Galway. We left warm Croatian weather to arrive to 15 degrees colder Dublin. On the way to our destination, we... Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” (Croatia) and Galway Public Library (Ireland)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: Public Library "Viktor Car Emin" (Croatia) is now connected with Galway Public Library (Ireland), who joined the program only last 17th April 2017. They have signed an agreement where they commit to “work closely in the coming years and agree to facilitate the professional... Continue Reading →

New Sistership!: Public Library “Viktor Car Emin”  (Croatia) and Public Library of Elgoibar (Spain)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: one of the last incorporations, Public Library of Elgoibar  from Spain will be the first sister of the Croatian  Public Library “Viktor Car Emin”    With theis new sistership, NAPLE Sister Libraries has reached  35 COUPLES OF SISTER LIBRARIES  among all the participants! Would you like to... Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Postcard from Public Library “Viktor Car Emin”, Croatia

Here we are back with another cool postcard for our NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration next 13 September! This time it comes from the  Public Library “Viktor Car Emin” , Opatija in Croatia. Our slogan for this year is: READING IS FASHIONABLE! Basque: Irakurtzea modan dago! Catalan: Llegir està de moda! Croatian: Čitanje je u modi! Czech: Čtení je módní! Finnish: Lukeminen on muodikasta! Lithuanian: Skaityti... Continue Reading →

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