Lessons learned: the “Work in Libraries” innitiative II/II

We all know that "sistership" is the term currently used to describe the special relationships established between two communities. We also know that relations between brothers take very different forms and here it is a sample of it, our history of fraternal and interlibrary love that crosses borders, allowing the exchange of experiences that allow... Continue Reading →


The importance of the librarians: the “Work in Libraries” innitiative I/II

A few weeks ago we published a post about the activity "Work in Libraries", designed by  4 Sister Libraries to celebrate the International Book Day. The goal was to give visibility to the work of the librarians. Maja Lesinger, one of trhe librarians involved, send us this beautiful text in which she reflects on the... Continue Reading →

Work in Libraries: a cooperative activity to celebrate International Book Day 2019

Four libraries in the program have joined together to develop an activity to celebrate the International Book Day 2019. These libraries are: Castropol Municipal library (Spain) and its Sister Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia) and  Vodice Public Library (Croatia) and its Sister Vega-La Camocha Municipal Library (Spain): two pairs of sisterships from two different countries gathered in... Continue Reading →

Old Tortoise’s Treasure Tales, Erasmus+ funded project at Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

Although our library has participated as supporting partner in three European projects alongside local Primary School, Project Old Tortoise's Treasure Tales (OTTT) is our first standalone project financed by the EU under the Erasmus+ fund. Our partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece and Italy are all kindergartens so we are the only library in... Continue Reading →

Interest Points at Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia) and Castropol Public Library (Spain)

Public Libraries from Castropol and Prelog engaged in a sistership last 20th March 2018. They soon held a meeting via Skype to decide on the activities they'd be developing together within the sistership. The first activity,  in order to know each other better, consisted on exchanging pictures of their towns. In the context of this... Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Castropol Public Library “Menéndez Pelayo” (Spain) and Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

We are very happy to announce a new sistership in the Program: Castropol Public Library “Menéndez Pelayo” (Spain) is now connected with Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia). Castropol Public Library was the last library to join the program, we announced their incorporation only last week! They got in touch with Prelog and soon came to an... Continue Reading →

About books, reading and other stuff: a video from Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

This short video was made during our summer multimedia workshops conducted by Shadow casters and their experts. The author is Veno Mušinović and the children in the video are the trainees who helped to film it:  https://youtu.be/w7JqhecXhGk  The basic idea was to film thoughts, opinions and overall view of our patrons about our library, books... Continue Reading →

Best Library 2017 Award: Prelog Municipal Library

Prelog Municipal Library has been awarded best library in Croatia for 2017.  This library plays a central role in the community, with outstanding statistics of participation. Maja Lesinger, a passionate librarian, is its Director. He's interviewed (it's in English) for this Croatian digital publication. In this interview you'll find a description of their most popular and succesful... Continue Reading →

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