The “Inspirer of the Modern Librarian”: a guide for creative librarians

Our colleague Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, from Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library is the coordinator of a cooperation project involving some of their NAPLE Sister Libraries and other partners: the “Library. I love it!” project. You can take a look at this post we published a couple of years ago, when the project started to know all the details. One of the results... Continue Reading →


My EVS Experience in Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland) IV/IV

Hello there! My name is Jesús, I am 24 years old and I am from Málaga (Spain). In my country I am social worker graduated by the University of Málaga and also I am football trainer for children and young people. In my life I had got many experiences working with people, so I can... Continue Reading →

My EVS Experience in Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland) II/IV

I'm Sedat from Turkey, I am 25 years old and my profession is Tourism Management. Currently I'm working in the Municipal Public Library Piekary Slaskie, Poland as a volunteer since 9 months. My volunteering adventure have just started with reading an article and checking some photos from some of ex-volunteer who was volunteer in Poland.... Continue Reading →

European Forum of Cultural Creativity: an EVS project 2014/2015 in Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library

Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, from Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library has sent more information about this European Voluntary Service project we talked to you about last year and that they’ve developed in their library with the support of a European grant. This time, it’s 4 texts written by each one of the last volunteers they’ve hosted. We’ll be publishing... Continue Reading →

“Programming of Curiosity” at Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library (Poland)

Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel, from Piekary Slaskie Municipal Library sends us this information about their new project, ”Programming of Curiosity” for  the youth aged from 15-24. Supported by the EIFL’s Public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP), it “uses the educational technique of “gamification” and digital tools to stimulate a passion for technology.” The program involves three partners: The... Continue Reading →

Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland) and the European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the European Commission's programme (currently in the frame of Erasmus+) that allows a young person (18–30 years) to become a volunteer in another country for a specified period, normally between 2–12 months”. An EVS project involves a triangular partnership: a volunteer, a sending organisation and a host organisation. Municipal Public Library in... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland)

As you will remember, the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie, Poland is the library that created and started all this celebration! Some days ago we showed its postcard, posters and activities and today we have pictures of their NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration last13 September! All these pictures and many more can be found in their Facebook... Continue Reading →

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