Week of the oral tradition at Lalín Municipal Library “Varela Jácome” (Spain)

Our colleague from Lalín Municipal Library “Varela Jácome” sends us some pictures of the activity they have done to celebrate the week of the oral tradition. It consisted of a gathering at the library where the old people told their experiences of childhood, such as Carnival, "San Xoan", and others. Lalín Municipal Library "Varela Jácome" joined the... Continue Reading →


New activity from Lalín Municipal Library “Varela Jácome” (Spain)

Lalín Municipal Library "Varela Jácome" (Spain) sends us some pictures of the activity they have developed for the children: a  workshop of puppets led by "Viravolta Títeres".     Related Articles: New Czech Library! Meet the Municipal Library Frenštát pod Radhoštěm Sister libraries from Croatia and Finland present their cooperation at IFLA Lyon 2014 Polish Point in Viana... Continue Reading →

World Poetry Day at Lalín Municipal Library “Varela Jácome” (Spain)

Last March 21th the World Poetry Day was celebrated. Many libraries around the world made special activities that day. Lalín Municipal Library "Varela Jácome" (Spain) celebrated it with the help of some users which volunteered to read out famous poems. Some of the users even read poems of their own. Isabel Calviño has sent us three... Continue Reading →

New Spanish Library: Lalín Municipal Library, Galicia

Today we welcome the Lalín Municipal Library "Varela Jácome"  from Galicia, Spain, to NAPLE Sister Libraries!  Lalín Municipal Library "Varela Jácome" serves a community with speakers of  Spanish, Galician and English.   They are looking for a sister library in any of the countries and regions, but especially in Ireland, Portugal, Scotland and Finland. You can find all the... Continue Reading →

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