Migrate to Library! A cooperation project funded by the European Comission

Arucas Municipal Library was the first library in Canary Islands (Spain) to join a European project:  LIBRARY. I LOVE IT! (2013-2015) Under the the Grundtvig program of the European Commission, it received a grant of 17.000 euros. In the project, libraries from 8 different countries participated: Austria, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Italy, Czechia, Poland and Turkey. The... Continue Reading →


Sharing Carnival Traditions in Arucas and Korčula

Last month, Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) and Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) held their third Skype meeting between the children from Arucas and Korčula. Our libraries have been Sister Libraries from March 2014 and have so far had excellent collaboration on the creation of library activities for children. The theme of this Skype meeting, held on... Continue Reading →

Strengthening the sistership, a video released by Sisters Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) and Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia)

Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) have created a video to disseminate the activities they develop together, as a result of their sistership. The title of the video is Strengthening the sistership and you can watch it through this link. These libraries are two of the most active libraries in the... Continue Reading →

Strenghtening the Sistership: a series of activities between Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) and Arucas Municipal Library (Spain)

Sister libraries from Arucas and Korčula have taken a series of mutual joint activities on drawing closer together Croatian and Canarian children. After first letters of friendship and realized acquaintances, after setting up Skype connection due to library mediation, children passionately continued to maintain the contact. Exchange of letters and friendships are continuing successfully. The... Continue Reading →

Sister Libraries and Skype: a new activity from Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) and Arucas Municipal Library (Spain)

A new activity from  Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia)  and its sister, Arucas Municipal Library (Spain): On the 16th of June 2015 Korčula Library provided direct link via Skype between children from Korčula City and children from Arucas – Gran Canaria. Children aged from nine to twelve years previously exchanged their letters of friendship in English. This... Continue Reading →

Activities from sisters Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) and Arucas Municipal Library (Spain)

Librarians from Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia) send us some news about cooperation with their sister Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) in the framework of the international meeting of librarians in Korcula. These libraries became sisters last 26 March 20014, one of the latest agreements of this program. During the international meeting of librarians in Korcula, our Spanish partners in the... Continue Reading →

New Sistership!: Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) – Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia)

Spring is coming to Sister Libraries, bringing the blooming of new sisterships : if last week we announced the sistership between  Viana Public Library “Francisco Navarro Villoslada” and Novigrad-Cittanova Public Library, today Loly León from Arucas Municipal Library  has just announced a new sistership, between this library and Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali” (Croatia). We even have 2 pictures from the signing of the agreement!  ... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia

Remember Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia's postcard? Today we have the text and pictures for the promotion of the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, held last 13 September, that the librarians from Korcula have sent to us!: NAPLE SISTER LIBRARIES DAY September 13th, 2013. Ivan Vidali Town Library is one of the 73 European libraries participating in NAPLE... Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Postcard from Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia

This is the postcard that the Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia, has designed for the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day on 13th September. They are a sister library of  the Municipal Public Library of Piekary Slaskie (Poland). You can follow the celebration on Twitter too! The hashtag will be #NSLDay     Related Articles NAPLE Sister Libraries Day: 13 September 2013 LIBRARY. I LOVE IT!:... Continue Reading →

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