Interviews with NAPLE Sister Libraries: Kathleen Dubois, from Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium)

Here we come back today with another interview. This time we have Kathleen Dubois from the Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium. It is the first Belgian library to be interviewed! Bibliotheek Tielt-Winge was the first Belgian library to participate  in the programme, and very soon became the sister library of the Krapina Public Library in Croatia. You can read more... Continue Reading →


New Sistership! Library Tielt-Winge (Belgium) & Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

We have great news today: a new sistership for the autumn season! The Library Tielt-Winge  from Belgium and the Ermua Municipal Library  from Spain, incorporated to the programme this year, have become sister libraries! This will be the second sistership for  Library Tielt-Winge, which is already the sister library of the Krapina Public Library (Croatia).  Congratulations! With these two new sisterships,... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

Just some days ago we showed you the postcard that the Ermua Municipal Library had designed for the Naple Sister Libraries Day, celebrated last 13 September. Sara Gago Pascual tells us today how it went and what they did!: Around 150 children from different primary and secondary schools of Ermua participated in the release of balloons... Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Postcard & Activities from Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

Today we show you the multilingual postcard (Basque, Spanish and English) that the Ermua Municipal Library (Spain) has prepared for the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration next 13 September!  They will be releasing balloons on the 13th of September at 13:00 p.m. in the patio of the Ermua Municipal Library. This will be in collaboration with the local nursery,... Continue Reading →

Meet our Libraries: Ermua Municipal Library, Spain

Today we have some new pictures from Ermua Municipal Library, in the Basque Country, which joined NAPLE Sister Libraries very recently. It does not have a sister yet! Ermua Municipal Library serves a community with speakers of Basque, Spanish, English, French and Italian.  They are very active in social networks. They want a sister library in any of the countries... Continue Reading →

New Spanish Library in the Programme!

Today we welcome the Ermua Municipal Library (@bibliotekaermua on Twitter) from the Basque Country, Spain, to NAPLE Sister Libraries! In the Libraries tag you can find their form and links to their website and Facebook profile, for those of you who are interested, this library is looking for sister libraries in any of the participating countries! Ermua Municipal Library serves a community... Continue Reading →

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