The Edinburgh Fiction Map, an activity from Edinburgh City Libraries

Edinburgh Libraries’ Digital Team have created a Fiction Map of their city. Using the Google Map interface, they have pinpointed stories where they intersect with places in Edinburgh. They’ve discovered that this is a really popular tool for people to discover new books. The Edinburgh Fiction Map grows as staff become aware of new books located in Edinburgh. Sometimes... Continue Reading →


IFLA WLIC 2018 call for Papers

IFLA will held their 84th IFLA General Conference and Assembly next 30 August 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Call for papers is now open for the open sessions of the different sections. Deadlines varies from section to section although they’re all between the end of January and the end of February, so there’s still time for... Continue Reading →

European Members of the Parliament share their reading recommendations

Pl202 (Public Libraries 2020) is a programme run by the Reading and Writing Foundation, an organization aiming to “prevent and reduce literacy difficulties in the Netherlands and in Europe”. The goal of the Public Libraries 2020 programme is “to raise awareness about the importance of public libraries as modern learning hubs close to citizens and... Continue Reading →

About books, reading and other stuff: a video from Prelog Municipal Library (Croatia)

This short video was made during our summer multimedia workshops conducted by Shadow casters and their experts. The author is Veno Mušinović and the children in the video are the trainees who helped to film it:  The basic idea was to film thoughts, opinions and overall view of our patrons about our library, books... Continue Reading →

New Sistership! Illescas Municipal Library (Spain) and Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar (Slovenia)

We are happy to announce a new sistership in the program: Illescas Municipal Library (Spain), one of the last incorporations has contacted a very active library in the program:  Škofja Loka Public Library Ivan Tavčar from Slovenia. As a first activity, they're going to exchange letters (using the postal service) with recipes of typical food for Christmas in Spain and... Continue Reading →

Nuorten näköistä – a project for the young people in Iisalmi at Iisalmi City Library (Finland)

Iisalmi City Library has been implementing a project with local youth services. The aims of this project are developing the co-operation between the library and youth services, survey what kind of activities young people wish from the library and involve young people to take part in the activities arranged by parties of the project. The... Continue Reading →

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