National Sisters Libraries Day 2013

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day (NSLD) was first celebrated in 13 September 2013.

The NAPLE sister libraries participating designed  one or more special postcards with the slogan Reading is Fashionable . Then, printed them and attached them to balloons that were released. Postcards included these messages in a combination of English and the local language of each library.

Postcards and Activities at NAPLE Sister Libraries:

Reports and pictures of the celebration:

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day around the Internet:

The Postcards

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Reading is Fashionable  slogan in the languages of the participating libraries:

  • Basque: Irakurtzea modan dago!
  • Catalan: Llegir està de moda!
  • Croatian: Čitanje je u modi!
  • Czech: Čtení je módní!
  • Finnish: Lukeminen on muodikasta!
  • Lithuanian: Skaityti madinga!
  • Polish: Czytanie jest modne!
  • Portuguese: Ler está na moda!
  • Slovene: Branje je v modi!
  • Spanish: ¡Leer está de moda!

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