In this page, we have available for all of you who desire so, a brochure and different versions of “Sister Libraries” letters and logo adapted to be used in diverse environments as web pages, posters, newsletters, business cards, letters, etc.

The aim of making available this logos it is provide a useful tool to the sister libraries for developing activities between them and that they could create places for theirs sister libraries in their spaces, physical and virtual.

The different versions are in format JPG or PNG. The JPG files are available in black and white and colour. The files in colour have two different versions, the one called “cmyk” has better colour quality and it is recommended for printing and the one called “rgb” is recommended for reproduction on web pages.

At NAPLE Secretariat we have other versions in black and white and colour in TIFF format, if you want them you should write to our e-mail address (naple.sisterlibraries@gmail.com) and order the version you desire.

Here you can also find a brochure that you can use to disseminate the work of NAPLE Sister Libraries and to encourage other libraries to participate:

We wish they are useful for you!

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