New content in NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Section

Would you like to see how our NAPLE Sister Libraries Day celebration was featured last 13 September on different websites around the Internet? From newspapers to the websites of the participant libraries we are collecting in one place all the links to these references. Now you can see them all in our NAPLE Sister Libraries... Continue Reading →


NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Municipal Library Český Těšín (Czech Republic)

Here we come back with one more report on our  NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, which we will celebrated last 13 September! This time it comes from the  Municipal Library Český Těšín. You already saw the postcard they prepared here. The library has sent this report and pictures!   We celebrated Naple Sisters Libraries Day in town Cesky Tesin... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie (Poland)

As you will remember, the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie, Poland is the library that created and started all this celebration! Some days ago we showed its postcard, posters and activities and today we have pictures of their NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration last13 September! All these pictures and many more can be found in their Facebook... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia

Remember Korčula City Library “Ivan Vidali”, Croatia's postcard? Today we have the text and pictures for the promotion of the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, held last 13 September, that the librarians from Korcula have sent to us!: NAPLE SISTER LIBRARIES DAY September 13th, 2013. Ivan Vidali Town Library is one of the 73 European libraries participating in NAPLE... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Arucas Municipal Library (Spain)

Remember  Arucas Municipal Library  's postcard? We showed it to you some days ago here. We have now have some pictures of what the actual celebration was like last 13 September on NAPLE Sister Libraries Day! Related Articles NAPLESisLib Day! Postcard from Arucas Municipal Library (Spain) Book Illustrated by Children from Arucas (Spain) & Piekary Slaskie (Poland) Libraries! Interviews... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day at Ermua Municipal Library (Spain)

Just some days ago we showed you the postcard that the Ermua Municipal Library had designed for the Naple Sister Libraries Day, celebrated last 13 September. Sara Gago Pascual tells us today how it went and what they did!: Around 150 children from different primary and secondary schools of Ermua participated in the release of balloons... Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Valença Municipal Library (Portugal)

This was the postcard that Valença Municipal Library in Portugal designed for the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration last  13 September. They released ballons attached to their postcards at 16, as the same time as many other NAPLE Sister libraries all over Europe! Valença Municipal Library has 3 sister Libraries! Piran Civic Library (Slovenia), Sant Joan de Vilatorrada Library “Cal Gallifa” (Spain) and Kuusamo City Library (Finland). Related Articles... Continue Reading →

NAPLESisLib Day! Sisters: Library “Fran Galovic” (Croatia) & Sastamala Library (Finland)

Today we show you the postcard that the Public Library “Fran Galovic”, Koprivnica (Croatia)  prepared for the  NAPLE Sister Libraries Day Celebration that took place last 13 September. They have made it in collaboration with their sister library, the Sastamala Public Library (Finland). Kaisa Kytömäki  from the Sastamala Public  Library is now visiting her sister library in Croatia in her three months... Continue Reading →

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day: Special message from Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel

Today we convey you a special thank you message from the creator  and promoter of the NAPLE Sister Libraries Day, Aleksandra Zawalska-Hawel,  the director of the Municipal Public Library in Piekary Slaskie in Poland. Dear Susana and all Friends, I also thank you very much for accepting my invitation to participate in this celebration. You created beautiful postcards... Continue Reading →

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