New activities from the sistership between Škofja Loka Public Library (Slovenia) and Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania) 

Saša Ambrožič, from Škofja Loka Public Library in Slovenia has sent us an update on the last activities developed within their sistership with Public library of Panevezys (Lithuania). These 2 libraries have been cooperating since 2015. This is the text Saša has writen:

After three years of sistership, librarians from Škofja Loka and Panevezys became good friends. Last year we met in Lithuania and that connected us even more tighter.

We decided to exchage photo exibitions of two famous local photographers for cooperation in 2018. From Lithuania we received beautiful photographs made by Gintaras Lukoševičius with the title »Lithuania to the world«

In 1253 on 6th of July Lithuania’s first and only king Mindaugas was crowned. On this date, at 9 o’clock in the evening, all lithuanians around the world gather to sing Lithuania’s national anthem.  Beautiful photos of that big national celebration told us more than words. On the fest day a big procession was held  from Upyte‘s  town to Čičinskas hill, where the celebration took place. Lithuanian art collectives from different ethnographic regions participated in this event. At the same time the national scarf was knitted which symbolizes unity and was travelling around elderships of Lithuania.

We sent to Lithuania two exhibitions related to the waters surrounding our town. First was photo exhibition »Škofja Loka in the Embrace of the Sora river« of our local photographer and wood carver Avgust Babnik. His minimalistic artistic language and fundamental motives take inspiration from nature. Second exhibition was exhibition of old photos and postcards of bridges, bathing places, wells and mills enriched by the stories from the past.


Saša Ambrožičivan

Public Library Ivan Tavčar Škofja Loka



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