Library for Education of Smart Society at Klaipeda‘s I. Simonaityte library (Lithuania)

Last March 2018 we published a post about an interesting activity called The Law Clinic, a project of Klaipeda‘s I. Simonaityte library (Lithuania) in cooperation with Vilnius University, to offer assistance to that people who can‘t afford to hire a lawyer.

Now, this library has sent to another very interesting activity, along with this text where they explain it:

On May 29-30, in the public library of I. Simonaityte in Klaipeda will organize an international conference of librarians “Library for Education of Smart Society”. The aim of this conference is to bring together librarians from different European countries to share their good practices of the libraries, innovations and to seek constructive cooperation between themselves in the future.

The Public library called by I. Simonaityte is the largest state universal library of the Western Lithuania region serving the citizens of our country and abroad. Therefore, the international conference is an excellent opportunity for the library to share its best practices, innovations and broaden the horizons of other libraries’ activities and projects.

In the conference will be covered these topics like libraries’ educational spaces, which are freely accessible to all groups of society, in order to include socially vulnerable groups in quality life-long learning programs. It will also focus on topics related to non-formal education, motivation, reading, creativity, innovation, and other relevant topics in the rapidly changing world.

This conference is useful not just for the libraries of different Lithuanian and European countries to exchange scientific information about libraries’ activities, international projects, but also to create the basis for further cooperation between libraries and increase healthy competition.

The organizer and the author of the conference are Laima Pacebutiene, which is the deputy director of the public library of I. Simonaityte in Klaipeda.

Klaipeda‘s I. Simonaityte library (Lithuania)


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