“Borrower” of the Year in Kuusamo City Library (Finland)

Today we have more news from Ritva Niemeläinen in Kuusamo City Library  (Finland)  about their latest celebration of the Libraries National Day, last 8th February:

In Finland we have Laina’s name day on 8 th of February. Laina is a woman’s name, but it also means “loan”. So libraries use to spend Loan’s Day on 8.2.  differently.

 In the library of Kuusamo the staff selects every year some keen library user to be our Borrower of the Year. We have selected women, men and children of different ages, two times a family, once two young brothers, once group of disabled living in the same nursing home.

This year we selected a mother who is a keen reader and also brings her children to library every week.  Her name is Sisko Klemettilä. We gave her our library-bag and a gift token to book shop and of course a fine diploma. The local newspaper Koillissanomat has made an interview of the Borrower every year.

 Here’s a photo of our Borrower of the Year 2014 Sisko Klemettilä (right) with our librarian Ilona Pohjola.

Borrower of the Year 2014
Borrower of the Year 2014

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