Happy NAPLE Sister Libraries Day! Postcard from Lousada Municipal Library, Portugal

And the day has finally arrived!

Today, 13 September 2013, we are celebrating our first

NAPLE Sister Libraries Day

Reading is Fashionable! 

Irakurtzea modan dago!
Llegir està de moda!
 Čitanje je u modi!
Čtení je módní!
Lukeminen on muodikasta!
Skaityti madinga!
Czytanie jest modne!
Ler está na moda!
Branje je v modi!
¡Leer está de moda!

We would like to thank all the libraries participating and remind you that you can see all the information and the postcards and activities all the libraries have prepared here.

And you can also follow the tweets, which have this hashtag: #NSLDay

Today we are showing you the postcard that our colleagues from the Lousada Municipal Library have prepared for the occasion! The Lousada Municipal Library is the sister of the Salamanca Public Library “Torrente Ballester” (Spain).

postalsisterlibraries -FRENTE

postalsisterlibraries1 -VERSO

 In the next few days we will be publishing the remaining postcards and the libraries will be telling us how it went 🙂 and sending pictures! Stay with us!

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