Poster in IFLA Conference, Singapore, 2013

Remember the poster we presented on NAPLE Sister Libraries  in the last IFLA Conference, in Helsinki in 2012?

We have great news today!  This year, in IFLA Conference Singapore 2013,  the  Public Library “Fran Galovic” in Koprivnica, Croatia, and its sister Sastamala Public Library in Finland, will be presenting a poster on their experience under the title:

NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme: Cooperation of public libraries in Koprivnica, Croatia and Sastamala, Finland: An example of inspiring practice.

Here you have the complete news by Kristian Ujlaki, from Koprivnica:

 Activities and results of international partnership between public libraries of Koprivnica, Croatia and Sastamala, Finland, each serving middle sized cities (about 30,000 inhabitants),will be presented on poster presentation at  World Library and Information Congress: 79th IFLA General Conference and Council, 17-23 August 2013, Singapore.

Poster presentation is titled: “NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme: Cooperation of public libraries in Koprivnica, Croatia and Sastamala, Finland: An example of inspiring practice”.

Authors are Dijana Sabolovic Krajina, manager at „Fran Galovic“ Public Library Koprivnica and Kaisa Kytomäki, cultural librarian from Sastamala Public Library.

Here is description of poster presentation which was accepted by jury representing the IFLA Professional Committee:

„At the beginning of 2012, NAPLE Sister Libraries Programme helped them to foster cooperation links in themes they are both interested in. Exchanging experience and knowledge between the staff of two libraries, as well as sharing cultural and educational activities have been in the focus of their cooperation.

Librarians have been sharing ideas on library services and events that promoted Sister Library country (book exhibitions, quizzes). Applying to the EU funds to organize professional exchanges between library staff as well as common theoretical work are in the progress.

Partnership has been announced and promoted by media and social networks. Communication is based on emailing, but short visit of Croatian librarian to the Sastamala library and face-to-face meeting stronger influenced cooperation.

Despite the fact that two libraries reflect various cultural and socio-economic background of their countries, they share common features as cultural, educational, lifelong learning and communication centers of their communities. Their cooperation shows positive impacts of international partnership in developing friendly personal and professional contacts and spreading multicultural understanding in their communities and countries”.

We wish you a fruitful conference!!


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