Activities in Allo (Spain) and Aleksandrow (Poland)

Iñaki Suso Espadas, librarian in Allo Public Library, Navarra, Spain, has sent us this piece of news on the activities of the Allo Public Library (Spain)-Public Library in Aleksandrow (Poland) sistership:

Public libraries of Allo (Spain) and Aleksandrow (Poland) have developed a joint cultural activity from December 18 2012 to January 18, 2013. This activity has consisted of aphotographic exhibition of the most significant elements of each of the two locations(architecturals, culturals, nature, etc.) to display in another library sister.

Both exhibitions have been visited; Allo residents have admired the beauty of the Polish winter, and Aleksandrow residents have highlighted the urban architecture of Navarre.

Here you have the news also in Allo Public Library website! (Spanish)

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